Open Top Pop-up Bags


Professional Blended Substrates

Open Top Pop-up Bags are specially developed for vegetables, soft fruit, cannabis cultivation & large plants. The raw Materials are specifically graded, washed and blended to reach the desired low EC levels and optimum pH levels for the best growing results. Open Top Pop-up Bags are customizable to suit the grower’s requirement and are available in various bag sizes. Naked Blocks are packed in UV protected, co-extruded (inside black outside white) plastic bags.

Coco Peat Coir Properties

Provides a favorable balance of air and water to plant root

Low bulk density

Good structure and stability

High re-wetting capacity

Nutrient retention and release

Blended Substrate Constitutes

Various Grades Available

Nutrigro Open Top Pop-up bags are ideal for vegetables, soft fruit and cannabis cultivation. The Open Top Pop-up bags are available with various grades of Coco Peat – from Fine to coarse – and can be supplied in different sizes on request, from a 1L-45L.

Nutrigro Blended substrates are adjusted to the cultivation demands of various plants regarding to structures, fertilization, and pH values, according to container/pot size and type of cultivation. Nutrigro also offers the ability to design custom blends for individual growers based on their specific needs.

Coco Peat Pith

Coir Fibre

Various Grades Available

Coco Peat Husk Chips

Various Grades Available

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