Young Plants & Seedlings

“Creating A Well-Balanced Growing Environment”

Young Plants & Seedlings

Selection of professional substrates

Nutrigro Substrates provides a wide range of growing media for young plants and seedlings. Balance and precision are essential in horticulture, even more so at the beginning stages of a crop. Nutrigro offers several products that address the needs of young plants and seedlings, creating a well-balanced growing environment. Rapid rooting and thorough root development are critical to plant production.

Nutrigro Seedling & Young Plant Substrates are designed and blended to give the best results for seedling and young plant propagation. These high-quality substrates are screened to fine grades, while removal of the finest particles ensures the most homogeneous cell filling. The structure of the substrate is suitable for automatic filling of trays , press blocks, paper pots or manual filling. Our Professional Seedling & Young Plant Substrates ensure uniform germination, uniform growth, fast rooting and root development. Crop examples include tomato, pepper, tobacco, melon, herbs, fruit tree and ornamental plants grown from seeds.

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Selection of professional substrates

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