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“The leading casing soil supplier for professional mushroom growers.”

BVB Substrates | Professional Casing Soil for Mushrooms

BVB Substrates is the leading casing soil supplier for professional mushroom growers. With their broad experience combined with modern production facilities and a strong desire for perfection make BVB Substrates a reliable partner, thus they have a leading role in the sector. Hygiene is extremely important in the cultivation of mushrooms. Therefore, BVB Substrates produce and transport the casing soil according to strict requirements and processes.

The BVB Substrates brand offers mushroom casing for farms that handpick as well as for the ones that

harvest mechanically. Mushrooms are grown on a layer of compost, topped with casing soil. The use of a casing layer is required to get considerable yields. The mycelium grows in the compost and the casing layer, pins start to form on top

of the casing soil. Within 5 days time the pins will grow into mushrooms. In this period of time the mushrooms absorb 90% of all the water they need. The casing soil can absorb and hold large quantities of water, which is made available to the mushrooms at this point. Black peat is considered to be the best raw material for this purpose. If meets all the required functions and characteristics of a casing layer.

  • The casing layer provides water for the growth and development of mycelium and mushrooms.
  • The casing soil vaporises water to create an optimal humidity within the growing room.
  • The casing soil prevents the compost layer from drying out.
  • BVB Casing soil creates an environment in which mycelium can grow optimally

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Professional Casing Soil for Mushrooms

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BVB Substrates | Professional Casing Soil for Mushrooms

Various Grades Available

BVB Substrates can supply customers with various types of mushroom casing soil. Each type of mushroom casing soil has its own unique properties and uses.

The right type of casing for your company depends on your facilities, climate control, bedding, ventilation, etc. Please contact one of our sales representatives to find the right solution for your company.

We are ready to advise you in the selection of an ideal product for your application.

BVB Substrates: Different types of Mushroom Casing Soil