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Nutrigro develops and produces superior-quality substrates – a tailored solution for professional growers. We offer a wide selection of substrate products for all types of crops and growing conditions, with emphasis on quality control, physical and structural characteristics. With decades of experience and planning, we have carefully developed our processing plants and factories which have been designed to produce superior-quality substrates. Our products are made from select coco peat, peat moss and perlite. All products are subject to the most stringent quality control standards at every stage of production.

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About Us

We are a Private Limited Company under the leadership and consistent motivation of Mr. G. Vercueil. We have established ourselves on the foundation of moral values and discipline, and continue to do so while extending our roots in the market.

Nutrigro has four decades of experience in the growing media industry. Our products have long been synonymous with a trusted substrate brand. Our product line includes: Coco peat (coir), peat moss, perlite, growbags, pop-ups and various substrate blends used for a variety of crops and applications. We have established three factories in the Western Cape (Cape Town), Mpumalanga and Kwa-Zulu Natal where we manufacture, blend and import high quality substrates for the professional horticultural industry. The Mpumalanga factory is a manufacturing plant for our local coir products. A complete process of grading, washing, buffering and lab analyses is performed on all the products dispatched from this factory. The facility is also equipped with a complete blending plant, as well as storage units for our branded imported substrates. The second and third factories in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Cape Town, Western Cape, are where our imported coir, perlite and peat substrates are received. Samples are extracted for rigorous testing on E.C., pH, expansion and consistency before being blended or dispatched. Nutrigro also has depot facilities in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Limpopo.

Our team is driven and dedicated to producing reliable, professional substrates. Our well-equipped factory infrastructure comprises the best in automotive machinery to expedite the manufacturing process which results in a highly structured, top quality product. We value the trust of our customers, because a relationship of trust leads to long-term business cooperation.