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Soft Fruit

Selection of professional substrates

By selecting the very best raw materials, Nutrigro has created ideal blends for the cultivation of soft fruit. Our blended substrates can be amended to your needs regarding structure, fertilization and pH values. The pH remains stable, roots receive enough oxygen and moisture control is balanced. 

Nutrigro Substrates provides a wide range of growing media for soft fruit nurseries. Key products used in this industry are coco peat coir,  peat moss, and perlite. Nutrigro Soft Fruit Substrates are porous and loose, display good drainage and yet retain a generous percentage of water.

Nutrigro Soft Fruit Substrates are designed and blended to give the best results for soft fruit production. The physical properties of these blends can be amended with optional constituents. The structure of the substrate is suitable for automatic filling or manual filling of bags/containers. Our Professional Soft Fruit Substrates ensure fast rooting and development, reduced time to first harvest, healthy plants with less disease and increased yield. Crop examples include blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. 

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Blueberry Professional Substrates

Optimized for blueberries

Nutrigro, founded in 1985, a family company based in South Africa with production facilities country wide. We develop and produce substrates with optimum levels of quality, reliability and consistency. They are based on coco peat coir, sphagnum peat moss and other constituents that include A-grade fibres and perlite. Offering a safe and reliable product for a wide range of applications that yield optimal uniform results and meet the fundamental requirements for cultivation. Our partners quality management system are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards and all our peat products are RHP-approved.

Optimized for blueberries

Nutrigro Blueberry Substrates are designed and mixed to give the best results for blueberry production. Providing a stable structure with increased and stable drainage, high air-filled porosity, balanced ratio between air and water capacity. 

Our blueberry substrates ensure

  • fast rooting and development
  • reduced time to first harvest
  • healthy plants with less disease
  • increased yield
  • excellent fruit quality
  • high drainage capacity

Sod Peat Moss

• optimum ratio between air and water capacity
• high structural stability
• good nutrient buffering
• Naturally supports the important symbiosis between roots and mycorrhizal fungi
• optimum nutrient levels
• low EC and pH value

Coco peat coir pith

  • high air content
  • High water capacity for homogeneous moisture in root zone that is highly available
  • good drainage

A-grade coir fibre

  • improved air-to-water ratio and drainage
  • ensures lateral water flow within the entire root zone
  • high structural stability
  • good drainage


  • Increases air capacity and drainage

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